Who We Are
The philosophical heartbeat of Community Builders for Africa is to bring together a community of African indigenes who have a heart for charity and wish to channel their collective resources towards making a difference in the lives of African children considered to be underprivileged. This intention is negotiated around financial empowerment to children whose futures seem to be at stake due to lack of social, economic, emotional and other forms of psychosocial needs. Community Builders for Africa will rise to the challenges of eligible children in the areas related to food, education, shelter and health. Join us today and be part of those who makes others feel included.


We provide child-centered social welfare assistant such as portable water, food, shelters, and temporary financial assistant etc.


We assist with medical equipment that can be solicited for or bought to equip community health centers in Africa.


We provide financial, material, and educational support for less privileged students. School stationaries and building of classrooms/ Libraries are also part of our foci.
Meet Our Team

Mustapha Olalere

Public Relation Officer

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